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IPA Bristol 2015…the journey continues!

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Jamie Burr, UK; IPA Autumn 2015, Photographer Jürgen Fritz

In October 2015, IPA Bristol welcomed 25 artists from all over the world. The street and city of bristol became and exciting spaces of innovative live performance art that reached to a wide and diverse audience.

Together we enjoyed the surprising encounter of our pop up performances in “Where Performance Happens” and the compelling work at the Arnolfini by invited international artists: Jurgen Fritz, Paul Hurley, Ria Hartley, Vest&Page, ZierleandCarter.

IPA’s second appearance in Bristol (and we hope not the last one!) was hosted for the first week at the Earth and Spirit centre,  incredible site in Glastonbury. We offered a programme of mentoring and workshops delivered by Jurgen Fritz and VestAndPage.

Workshop artist Debbie Guinnane, who recently performed at international performance festival SPILL, said:

„We worked in a truly safe and nurturing environment to test our limits, pushing our own personal boundaries within the workshop’s programme. The organisation was remarkable and exceedingly well considered“.


Debbie Guinnane, UK; IPA Autumn 2015, Photographer Jürgen Fritz

During the second week, IPA took over Bristol’s historical sites and Arnolfini Arts Centre, in a series of pop up events:

„The Arnolfini came alive with performance events in the foyer, stairwells and landings as well as programmed events in the light and dark studios.  Members of the audience, visitors to the Arnolfini as well as Arnolfini staff experienced performance as live, dynamic interfaces with space, a diverse variety of performance styles and a nuanced insight into where performance can happen within time, space and the body“ 

Fay Stevens, IPA Curator

Artist and workshop participant Anna Kosarewska, who performed at the pop up event told us:

„Hope to save this moment in my heart and in my mind for long time. Hope to see you all again in future anywhere in the world. Hope to see your beautiful heart again, to see how you are growing and developing yourself in the art process“.

IPA also gathered artists and academics for a symposium, which explored the platform theme ‘Where Performance Happens’ with a consideration of topics such as:

What has happened?

What survives after the event?

How is it remembered and recalled?

We would like to close with Vest&Page’s words on the two weeks spent in UK:

„Dear friends,

Thank each of you for the inspiring times, for all the shared laughter, tears and knowledge. Safe journeys to you all – keep being wild at heart and strong in spirit“.

If you would like to read more about the theme ‘Where Performance Happens’, the IPA Bristol website contains interviews held with the IPA artists and participants.  This is still on going with more interviews and writing to come

If you would like to get directly in touch with IPA Bristol team,

please email

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