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IPA Online Application

Here you can sign up online to the events of IPA. Please inform yourself about the details of the event on the respective page. The application is not binding until you have transferred the registration fee to our account. If we have accepted your application you will receive an email with further information. Please note the disclaimer.We would like to publish a preview of the artists who will participate in the IPA events. Therefore we need the photo and the artistic statement. See an example of the preview gallery here.The online registration has been only successful when this confirmation is to be seen after you have triggered the "submit" button: uploadsuccessfull If you don´t see this confirmation, please try again. If it don´t function at all, please contact us.

We look forward to meeting you.

Your IPA Team

Which events you are interested in?

Thank you for registering so numerously for IPA Venice 2016. We have closed registrations now, but there is still the possibility to request a place on the waiting list. You will be contacted in case that any current registrations are being withdrawn and places get available.

IPA Venice 2016

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1st Choice2nd choice
I'm fine to work with each group.
Jürgen Fritz
IPA The Hague 2016
1st Choice2nd Choice
I'm fine to work with each group.
Elvira Santamaria
Boris Nieslony
Jürgen Fritz

We will try to handle your preference in such a way that everyone is satisfied. Please note that your preference however is no guarantee to participate in the particular workshop. Besides our intend to make your preference possible we aim for creating heterogeneous groups – in matters of age, sex and home country.

Second Week in The Hague

Accomodation (sleeping facilities at KingKool The Hague and dinner) for the first week (12. - 20. September /8 nights) is paid with the fee. For the second part of IPA The Hague (20. - 25. September) you have to organize yourself. But we can arrange reduction for your stay at the same place.

Do you need a sleeping place in The Hague (September 20th - 25th)?
Would you like to show your work at "TodaysArt" in The Hague (September 20th - 25th)?

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Agreement for publication

Hereby I agree, that IPA is allowed to publish the following information/documents submitted by me: my full name, the photo and the artistic statement.

Publishing Artists Preview

Disclaimer of liability
  • You take part in the workshop at your own risk. IPA shall not be liable for any injuries or other damage. Please make sure that you are medically able to participate in the workshops.
  • IPA will not be liable for any damages in case of theft or damage to your property. In particular, IPA is not able to secure the working spaces, the sleeping places and the places for the performances against theft.
  • We will only definitely confirm your application after having received your workshop fee on our account, as we have to operate with the contributions of the participants to organize the event.
  • After you have transferred the fee its only possible to withdraw from your registration when we can accept another participant who will take your place.

By submitting the registration I agree with the above disclaimer.
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